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You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...

This is my story

Everyone has a past.

Some people’s read like a rockstar’s tell-all. Mine is much tamer. The quest for happiness, that the rockstar and I may have shared.

I started out exactly how people expected me to be. The dutiful daughter, loving kid sister, loyal friend, good student.

Did that always make me happy? Possibly not, but that is not something a good kid often ponders.

The A-levels seemed unbearably boring, so I took the first job that I could get. That job led me on a career path to partner in a top 25 firm of accountants.

I was exactly how everyone expects you to be. Young family. Good money. Solid career. 

Except the corporate career demanded the kind of time I couldn’t give, not without sacrificing time with my loved ones.

Was I happy? No, but I kept pushing, because that is what good corporate partners do. An unfortunate change in company culture called for a change, so I left.

“What do I actually want to do? What were the good aspects of that job?”

Turns out, the answer to both had to do with helping people reach their goals, achieve their dreams … be happy! So I launched Shirley Hollis & Co.

I was now in business for myself.

It was exactly how everyone expects a small business to be. Freedom to work where you want, home or coffee shop. Flexibility to work around the family. Except there were the 1423 hats a business owner needs to wear. Admin, marketing, sales, fulfilment…

Was I happy? For a while. There were things to learn and things to juggle, but I was determined to figure it out! Until I found myself running a team of 5 working from 2 rooms in my house, with my noisy boys running around. Once again, I was unhappy at work, working longer hours, juggling finances, wondering if it’s worth it.“Wouldn’t it be so much easier to jack it in and get a job?”

I’m sure you know the feeling. On and on I went until I realised just what I was doing. After years of being a “good kid”, “good student”, “good employee”… I’d graduated to one of the lesser-known archetypes. I was being a “good accountant”.

Except, was I really just an accountant?

Or was there more to my mission, my business, and the life I wanted to live?

“When Shirley decided to set up on her own I had no debate with myself about moving accountants. I find her knowledgeable, quick to respond, and very efficient.”

Graeme Roberts

Owner, REM Roberts Ltd/T and R Investments Ltd, London

What about you?

Are you just a contractor? Just a restaurateur? Just a bestselling author?

It doesn’t matter how successful your business gets if it’s not really the business you want

And the one little thing that makes the difference from a nightmare to the ultimate dream scenario can be hard to see. Especially when you’re not looking. Especially when you’re resigned to 70-hour weeks and no retirement.

It’s time to find out what’s been holding you back.

It’s time to change your mindset.

It’s time to forget about other people’s expectations and tune in to your own desires.

It’s time to ditch “good” and shoot for “fulfilled”.

I’ve done just that, having built a firm I’d dreamed of. A firm, the entire ethos of which is “it’s all about life.”

Where are we now? Well, we’re a happy team, having a laugh at work, whether that’s in the office or at home. We’re either hard at work, or out enjoying our 3 day weekends.

Where aren’t we? We’re not crammed into 2 rooms in my home, I can tell you!

“I was fed up with my initial accountant who kept pushing me to be hard-nosed and profit-driven. Child care and education was too much of a heart felt passion for me to take that route.

Shirley Hollis & Co. sounded too good to be true, but they listened to my viewpoint and really got under the skin of my business. We were supported practically, but we were supported emotionally, no hollow promises.

Between greater fulfilment for me, more frequent holidays for my family, and a business that is thriving, I have never looked back!”

Gaenor Nokes

Owner, Bourne Valley Nursery School Ltd

Are you ready?

What would be the version of reality you’d be thrilled to wake up to every day?

Are you closer to it today than you were last week?

Are you willing to build your business around it?

Helping Businesses Grow
Changing Lives


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