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We’re here to guide you on a fun and inspiring journey through all your life goals, using your business as your vehicle


You have a business, you need an accountant

But do the numbers really need to be something you dread?

Some things one simply has to do.

Quarterly dinner with your in-laws. Strength training after 40. Taxes every year.

Truth be told, we may not be able to help with that dinner or the gym. Nobody’s that good.

Those numbers, however? They may just become your new favourite thing.

Because here at Shirley Hollis & Co, we see your numbers for what they really are.

A treasure map.

One that leads you to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

One that gets you everything you first went into business for.

One that shows you exactly how to get to the part with the home, the travel, the art, the charity work, and the gleefully generous Christmas shopping.

With our strategically life-centric approach to accounting, we go beyond the deadlines. 

We go beyond the regulations.  

Sure, we’ll keep your house in order. We are accountants, after all.

But our one true aim is to help you create the kind of business and life that nourish you, not rob you of all your energy, creativity, and sleep.

“Effortless”, “deeply satisfying”, and “unapologetically YOU” are all viable options.

“Simply HMRC compliant” is, too.

It’s just not good enough to settle for.

“Highly professional, but personable and accommodating at the same time…”

Nigel Hooke

Owner/Director, Baby Bonding Ltd - Southampton

“By far the best accountant I have employed!”

Elisabeth Roberts


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